The Characters

The Land of Sunken Gold is home to a wonderfully wacky assortment of oddball characters…

Wobble the Witch

WOW look at those snazzy wellies!

Wobble the Witch

This witch has no fear as everything she needs in life is in her ?How to be a Wonderful Witch? book which she keeps under her witch?s floppy hat.

She?s adored by her best friends, Moo the one-eyed monster and Skinny, the chubby skeleton.

Armed with her faithful Broomstick, loved by her grumpy, one fanged Viking cat and protected from unwanted visitors by her goblin door-knocker ? what else could a girl want from life? Apart from a huge selection of wellington boots to wear that is…

Skinny The Skeleton

A Skeleton is for life, not just for Saturdays

Skinny the Skeleton

Skinny is a chubby skeleton and a bit of a dreamer who would like to lead a peaceful life but that never happens in Sunken Gold!

He has a hairy pet spider, Herbert, who actually lives amongst Skinny?s bones and who pops up at the most inappropriate times!

Skinny is partial to a cuddle – from anybody – which usually gets him in big trouble with the pirate gang!

Moo The Monster

A lovely Hairy, One-Eyed Monster

Moo the Monster

Now, despite Moo the Monster?s unusual appearance (which if listed would include such details as; one-eyed, large body with legs and arms that are too small for such a huge frame, very hairy, huge hands and feet and a mouth wider than his face) he is a happy monster who loves nothing more than to laugh and play tricks on his best friends.

This impulsive hero will protect the town of Sunken Gold until the very end, but lets face it, he?s easily distracted and not the sharpest stick on the sharp stick tree!


Where there?s one Splodger, there?ll be a thousand!


Splodgers are wicked little creatures that come in all shapes and sizes who spend their days ?splodging? around. They are native to the Land of Sunken Gold.

The types of Splodgers is endless – far too many to list. There are fridge Splodgers (they splodge in food kept in the fridge), stink Splodgers (they pong so bad) kiss Splodgers (jump on your lips when you are kissing) sand Splodgers (live in the sand), hair splodgers (splodge about in your hair), ?.get the picture? You name it, there?s a Splodger infestation just waiting to happen! However, you can take heart in knowing that they are not that dangerous and Wobble is constantly assuring everyone that they will not bite.

Even though they are a nuisance you should not swat a Splodger ? as legend has it that it will bring 2 ½ weeks of awfully bad luck and your front teeth will fall out!

Sea Shanty Gang

A bunch of misfits on a boat

The Sea Shanty Gang

A rowdy bunch of ruthless pirates that have only one thing in mind ? to find the hidden treasure which is secreted somewhere in the magical town of Sunken Gold.

Big Pirate Large Bottom is in charge of this misfit bunch of dirty rotten scoundrels. He?s sneaky, rude, bad-tempered, impatient and a good all rounder at creating mayhem and mischief wherever he goes. His brother, Big Pirate Not So Large Bottom, is second in command and then there?s Big Pirate Curly Whiskers, Big Pirate One Leg and Big Pirate Little Hook.

Their pirate ship is called ?The Sea Shanty?. An impressive ship with the usual rigging, masts, sail, rusty anchor and springy plank that you?d expect from a pirate ship. A ?Sea Shanty? flag flies high above the main deck which is home to the pirates rude and vocal parrot. The deck is strewn with cannons, chests of gold coins, swords and barrels of rum. The ship?s figurehead is the same as the flag design which is a huge black and white cow?s head that has it?s tongue hanging out of the corner of it?s mouth!

The ?Sea Shanty? lowered it?s anchor in Sunken Gold Park after finding an ancient pirate map in the belly of a fish. The map was a bit grimy to say the least but there was a definite ?X marks the spot? over the town of Sunken Gold.

These menacing thugs are always coming up with dastardly deeds and sneaky ways to find the treasure and to try and outwit Skinny, Wobble & Moo. They will stop at nothing until they find their bounty! But don?t worry, truth be known they are not very good at this pirate lark! Infact, if they weren?t pirates they would be totally unemployable!

The Goblin Doorknocker

The Goblin Doorknocker

The Goblin Doorknocker

The Goblin Doorknocker is stuck to Wobble?s front door by magic and he?s one grumpy Goblin. How did he end up on Wobble?s door? Well, he was always causing trouble in Sunken Gold so Wobble stuck him to her front door so she could keep an eye on him. He is attached across the shoulders, by magic – not glue – so he can move his legs, arms and head freely.

All visitors to Wobble’s house have to bang the Goblin’s head against the door ? don?t worry – it doesn’t hurt him as his head is well padded with bandages and he?s also protected by a numbing spell. The Goblin secretly loves his job and takes it very seriously indeed.

Unlike the Splodgers, the Goblin Door Knocker has been known to bite, especially on Mondays. Usually he sinks his wonky Goblin teeth into Trink the post mole. Trink is currently trying to obtain danger money from the mole post office ? well, it can be very dangerous indeed delivering mail in Sunken Gold!

Blommie the cat

Blommie the Vicking Cat


Blommie is Wobble?s lazy and grumpy old cat. His real name is Blomquist and rumour has it that he?s a brave Viking cat. He?s not what you could call a pretty cat as he?s plump with only one fang, the owner of wiry whiskers that are far too long to be useful and he has foolishly misplaced half an ear.

He sleeps most of the time on a rug by Wobble?s open fire, and when he?s not sleeping, he?s moaning or trying to swat splodgers. The last thing Blommie wants to do is to go outside!

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