?A fantastic enjoyable morning ? Sharon managed to captivate and excite my yr2 class over rhyme. We spent the rest of the day trying to out do each other rhyming! A truly enjoyable set of books which i?ve had to order for my own children!?

?Thank you again for the time you spent at our school inspiring the children!?

?The way Sharon interacts with everybody is amazing and the children were engaged with the stories and excited to know what happened next. Sharon encouraged them to think about what might be over the page and to be brave enough to share their ideas. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all and the children were sad to see Sharon leave.?

?The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed Sharon?s visit. Her books were amusing and informative and could be used to enhance several curriculum areas. I would highly recommend her visiting any school to inspire children and staff.?

?Excellent! Sharon is a wonderful story teller. The children absolutely loved her thought provoking stories and were inspired to write their own.Having a ?real? author in school taught the children that there is a genuine purpose to writing.?

?Our children really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to Sharon, ask her a range of questions and listen to some of her amazing stories. It was an inspiring session that had a great impact on our children. Thank you.?

?Thank you once again for a great morning. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed your visit. They are feeling very inspired with their writing so thank you. Lots of the children told me that they now want to become an author!?

?Absolutley loved it! The rhymes make it fun to read and the story is compelling too. My son loved reading this over and over. Superb illustrations bringing the text to life.?

?The children absolutely love the preschool range of books, they especially love it when granny falls into the snow in the welly that wont come off! Very entertaining, they really hold the childrens attention we would highly recommend them? a very talented childrens author.?

?We had a visit from the lovely local children?s story author Sharon Hopwood yesterday, the children loved the Goblin story and were still talking about it during the afternoon! Thank you Sharon!?

?Hello Sharon

My name is Ruby, I really loved reading Is your daddy a goblin? and The Welly that wouldn?t come off.

I like the pictures in both books, and the way the goblin hides behind Owen, I also like your website and the animations.?

?My name is Debbie Westwood and I am the Deputy Head Teacher at Christ Church C of E Primary School in Birmingham. I was lucky enough to obtain three copies of ?Is your daddy a goblin?? and I took them into school to share them with my staff.

My Early Years Leader immediately snapped one up for her Nursery and Reception children, who are currently doing a topic on looking after ourselves. But my KS2 staff also wanted copies as we are about to do a whole school themed week on Survival!

The beauty of this book is that it can be used to explore a variety of topics and curriculum subjects and the illustrations will really appeal to children of primary school age. We are now eagerly awaiting the next two books soon to be released and have booked Sharon Hopwood to come to our school for World Book Day and Storytelling Week so that my children can enjoy meeting a real author!?