The Welly That Wouldn’t Come Off

Connor’s welly boot is stuck tight! Who will save the day and free Connor’s foot?

Part of the Connor’s Capers Series.

After a morning playing in the snow, it’s time for Connors’ lunch. He takes off his coat, his gloves and his hat and some melted snow trickles down his back.

Off comes the left Wellington boot with relative ease, but try as he might the right boot just won’t budge! So, he pushes and he pulls, he yanks and he tugs ? but the right welly is still stuck tight!

Is it a job for mighty Mum or super Granny or maybe it’s a task for Dad’s garden shed tools?

Follow Connor’s adventure through many crashes and clatters, bangs and bumps and find out which family member finally manages to save the day ? and the wellington boot!

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Artwork by Glenn Young.

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The Welly That Wouldn't Come Off

The Welly That Wouldn't Come Off