The Elephant Kid

Inspired by many trips to Sri Lanka, the elephant kid is an epic tale about a young boy?s adventure as a super hero, fighting the world of evil and bringing light where there is dark… Oh, and it?s about an elephant… Well kind of….

The Elephant Kid? series is about a boy named Arthur Bumcheek and his young sister, Bella Bumcheek.

If some-one is in trouble, if someone is in despair, Arthur places his elephant mask over his curly head of hair and pulls it down over his ruddy face and goes to the rescue. No matter what the dangers are ? he is Arthur the brave, Arthur the wonderful, Arthur the hero, Arthur the elephant kid!

Elephant Kid to the rescue!

Or so it would appear??

Artwork by Glenn Young.

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Animation series: 4 – 6 years

Arthur - The Elephant Kid