The Baggers

Welcome to the pre-school world of The Baggers. The King Bagger needs your help to keep Fairy Tales alive in the imagination of children all over the world. A most Royal welcome awaits you.

The Baggers is a series of fun stories exploring traditional Fairy Tales but with a modern day twist! Ruled by their King Nuggybags, the Baggers live in a magical castle which sits amongst the clouds in the land of Ishtamana. There is only one path to and from Ishtamana, and it leads directly to Fairy Tale Village, which is where every character from every Fairy Tale ever told lives.

The Baggers are custodians of the Fairy Tale. They are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the characters stay in their own stories and do not interfere with the other stories. Imagine the trouble that could be caused if for example, the three bears climbed the giant beanstalk or Goldilocks decides she?s had enough of porridge and so she eats the house made of gingerbread in the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel! Wouldn?t that be terrible!

The Baggers are fantastic at drawing and whilst on their Fairy Tale missions to separate the characters and take them back safely to their own Tale, they record the events by drawing in a magical journal which they then ?bag? up in a special pouch which hangs over their shoulders.

Once safely back at the castle, King Nuggybags transforms the Baggers? drawings into a brand new story book and a new Fairy Tale is born. It?s a job that the Baggers take very seriously indeed!

We have created a colourful and harmonious feel to the world of The Baggers, ready to transport the young mind to the land where all of our favourite Fairy Tale characters live and long to meet one another! At it?s core the message of this series is that life is filled with fun and adventure and a lot of ?Once upon a times?.

The Baggers

Episodes include:

Cinders? Huff and Puff

All is not as it should be. Cinders has taken a fancy to the three little pigs house and has moved her things in whilst the piggies are at market shopping ? but someone keeps trying to blow her new house down! The Baggers are dispatched to the rescue! Fiddybags is great at mending things, so when Cinderella is bathing after a day of decorating, she mends her rags, transforming them into a beautiful ball gown. Now all they need is a ball to lure Cinders away to ? before the big bad wolf spots her and the three little piggies return for their supper! Shouldn?t be a problem?

The Magic Porridge Lamp

The three bears are minding their own business, eating their porridge outside as it?s a very nice day. ?My porridge is too hot!? says Daddy Bear. ?My porridge is too cold!? says Mummy Bear and Baby Bear cries, ?There?s a magic lamp just landed in mine and splashed the porridge all over me!? Oh no! Dispatch the Baggers to the rescue. Can they catch Aladdin as he whizzes through the sky on his magic carpet and can they get to Baby Bear in time before he rubs the magic lamp? Of course they can ? if they hurry!

The Little Red Troll

The three Billy Goats Gruff are in danger of having their story ruined ? and it?s not the troll?s fault! Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the woods on her way to her grandmother?s house when she gets distracted and takes the wrong turning! The Baggers must rescue Little Red Riding Hood from the Troll (who by the way, has taken a fancy to her lovely red cloak) and get her back safely to her grandmother?s cottage where the wolf is waiting patiently for her and the goats can carry on over the troll?s bridge.

Artwork by Glenn Young.


The Baggers Concept

The Baggers Concept (Back)


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