Tales Of Old Wharf

Tales of Old Wharf is a delightful factual series exploring wildlife for children aged 4 – 6 years.

This is a show about three friends, Sir Hector the Heron and young Tommy and Evie who live in the enchanting Countryside alongside the canal that is called ‘Old Wharf’.

It’s also about the characteristics and lifestyles of the many different species that live alongside one another in Old Wharf. Transporting the young mind amongst the mysterious and ever changing world of buzzards, badgers, hares and foxes to name but a few of our animal friends.

Knowledgeable Sir Hector spins his animal yarns, threading one exciting tale to the next, to his inquisitive young friends, Tommy and Evie. Tommy and Evie visit Sir Hector every day after school for a new exciting tale about the wildlife that surrounds them in Old Wharf.

What will the tale be about today?

Let’s see what we can find out…..do bats really get tangled up in your hair? When does a fox hunt? What is a baby hare called? Are all snakes poisonous? What makes that screaming noise? Who hibernates? What does a badger look like? Who can run as fast as a car? What’s a stoat? Do all bumble bees sting?

Snuggle up for a tale of Old Wharf.

Artwork by Glenn Young.

Theme tune written by Hopwood toons?


Tales of Old Wharf Concept

Tales of Old Wharf Concept

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Animation series: 4 – 6 years

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