Shi-Mi Fu

Monkey meets the Power Rangers in this action packed adventure series for 4 ? 6 year olds, inspired by the Jakata Tales of the third century BC.

The Shi-Mi Fu series follows the quest of the Shi-Mi Fu Warriors who are on a mission to locate a very ancient and magical bowl and the attempts of the evil Demon Dragon to thwart their every move by sending plagues of misfortune and baddies.

In order to find clues to the bowl’s whereabouts, the Shi-Mi Fu Warriors must do good deeds and help other animals in need. It’s a race against the evil Demon Dragon but the Shi-Mi Fu Warriors are the ultimate super heroes!

Artwork by Glenn Young.


Shi-Mi Fu Concept

Shi-Mi Fu Concept


Shi-Mi Fu Merchandise Sheet

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Animation series: 4 – 6 years

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