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Young Bryce is rather excited

Young Bryce is rather excited

08 January

Happy New Year to you all! I am so excited – the year ahead promises to be such a great one for Hopwood toons. There?s lots in the pipe-line and I am so excited about sharing it all with you over the next few months!

I have been busy over the Christmas period editing my first Middle Grade story, The Mappleford Mysteries. The first book in the series is ?The Finding of the Key?. I have learnt so much during the process of writing this adventure story and it has been so utterly absorbing that I have burnt more dinners over the last couple of months than I have done in my entire life! Lucky for me I have a very understanding, albeit hungry, family.

The editing process has been tough but I have been so lucky to have the super support of fellow writers at my writer?s group, the Bardstown Writers. More on The Mappleford Mysteries over the next few months but for now, I wanted to share with you a little poem I wrote for the Bardstown Writers Christmas get-together. It had to be under 200 words with a Christmas theme. I hope you enjoy it! Apologies for the Christmas theme in January but I have only just had the permission of my muse ? young Bryce ? to share it with you! It cost me a chocolate bar and lots of nanny cuddles!


Young Bryce

Young Bryce is rather excited.
he cannot contain it at all.
For today is the day, it?s Christmas Eve,
and Santa is going to call.

He has written a wonderful letter
explaining how he?s been a good boy,
along with a quite comprehensive list
right down to the last little toy.

He hangs up a rather large stocking,
and a pillow case too… just in case.
Then he?s distracted a while by the twinkling lights,
and then mum – with a smile on her face.

Mum says ?Time to go and do some singing?
and they walk down to the village green.
Lots of people are there with bells ringing,
It?s a wonderful sight to be seen.

And again, back home a little later,
Dad helps to prepare Santa?s plate;
a fresh baked mince pie…a nice glass of scotch,
two carrots for Rudolf and his mate.

Now, it?s to bed with eye?s full of glee,
and a mind full of dreams that won?t stop.
Carefully listening for the sounds of sleigh bells,
that will land on a good boy?s roof top!

Young Bryce by Sharon Hopwood/Hopwood toons © 2015

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