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Story-time at Stratford Literary Festival 2015

11 May

It was the 1st May 2015. The day had finally arrived for me to host a story-telling event at the Stratford Literary Festival. I was more than a little excited!

Stratford Literary Festival 2015

Armed with copies of my books and matching story bags I set up my story-telling den in the Stratford Artshouse and waited for some lovely pre-schoolers to arrive.

Stratford Literary Festival 2015

Well, I didn’t have to wait long before they came trundling in, plonking themselves down on the comfy cushions and demanding to be entertained…something I was only too happy to oblige with! I should at this point stress that I was sitting on a chair borrowed from the Royal Shakespeare Society which had been sat on by many well-known RSC actors and actresses. Lucky me!

Stratford Literary Festival 2015 Stratford Literary Festival 2015

I shared my story ‘Is Your Daddy a Goblin‘ to an appreciative and lively audience. We smelt cheesy goblin feet and stinky goblin breath. Apparently, we did get a little too noisy at one point and could be heard at the other end of the Artshouse! Afterwards, the children did a super job colouring in Goblin faces which we made into scary masks.

Stratford Literary Festival 2015

I was sad to wave goodbye to everyone at the end of the session but I was happy that all of the children were waving their masks around enthusiastically in an attempt to scare the population of Stratford-Upon-Avon before going home to look for goblin traits in their own fathers!

Just when I was about to leave and head home too, the fabulously talented, Lorentz Gullachsen asked me if he could take some portrait shots of me, to mark the event. So, off I went for a photo-shoot…

Stratford Literary Festival 2015

Thank you to all of the lovely staff at the Artshouse who looked after me, especially Gail and Annie and to the staff at the pop up cafe for supplying me with coffee to help aid my recovery after the event.

Thanks also to Martin from Waterstones too who manned the splendid book stall. I do hope your little girl enjoyed you reading the signed copy of ‘The Welly That Wouldn’t Come Off’ to her that evening.

Stratford Literary Festival 2015

If you’ve never been to the Stratford Literary Festival I would seriously recommend that you pencil it in your diary for next year, it really is a wonderful event. You can find out more at

Hope to see you there!

Stratford Literary Festival 2015

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