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Rhymes by Hanbury School Children

09 September

After a recent visit to Hanbury School in Bromsgrove, the children put together some fantastic rhymes. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

There once was a polar bear
Who sat on a big comfy chair
With his mother the polar bear
Who was combing her beautiful hair
Whilst eating a great big pear.

– Beth D, Maia, Oscar and Joshua T

There once was a girl
Who found a pearl
She loved to dance
All the way to France
And gave the pearl to the handsome Earl

– Izzy, Bethan and Matilda B

There once was a goat who wore a coat
He had a swim in a freezing cold moat.
He went to the park
And played there till dark
Then went home and had a good soak.

– Holly, Indiana, Laura and Oliver

There once was a dog
Who sat on a log
He made friends with a horse
Who went on a course
And then fell in a bog on top of a mog.

– Matilda H, Imogen, Abigail and Iona

There once was a dog on a log
He was in some fog with a slimy green frog
He saw a cat
Who ate a rat
And the dog ate a fierce hairy hog

– Louis, Cameron, Alex and Dominic

There once was a lovely young goat
Who lived on a shiny green boat
And fell in love
With a beautiful dove
And went to Spain in the boat.

– Erin, Charlotte and Natasha

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