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Meet the Characters from Skinny, Wobble & Moo #3

05 October

Skinny Wobble & Moo


Today we’re talking to Skinny the Skeleton…

Hello Skinny. You’re looking well!

Skinny the Skeleton

Skinny the Skeleton

I’m very happy. I’ve been cuddling Splodgers. Would you like a cuddle?

Really? Oh well, yes why not. Thank you Skinny. Now, tell me, how long have you lived in Sunken Gold?

All of my life. Wobble the Witch made me.

Perhaps you could tell our readers how she made you?

She made me on a Saturday, out of a bone. So, Saturday is my birthday.

You must have a lot of birthdays then. Lucky you! Wobble is so clever isn’t she?

Oh yes! Wobble did a spell from her book, ‘How to be a Wonderful Witch’. It was a spell to create a friend.

You and Wobble are the best of friends aren’t you?

Oh yes, and Moo the Monster is my friend. He looks after me. Especially when the pirates are being naughty. Hey did you know…

Pirates don’t like to cuddle!

That doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen the pirate gang and they look a scary lot! Especially Big Pirate Large Bottom!

Big Pirate Large Bottom

Big Pirate Large Bottom

Sometimes Large Bottom is nice to me. He gave me a birthday present on Saturday. 

A present?

Yes. He knows how much I want to go on holiday to the Sun so he drew me a map. It’s a special birthday present.

He gave you a map to the Sun? Really?

It’s such a great present isn’t it! I’m going to pack lots of sun cream and my favourite sun hat.

Oh Skinny do be careful. I think the pirates are up to something…

The pirates are nice sometimes. It’s the  Goblin door knocker on Wobble’s door that’s really nasty to everyone.

I know what you mean! He tried to bite me when we went to look at Wobble’s house. Oh, can we show everyone your house please Skinny?

Oh yes, let’s go. I think they’ll like it…


Skinny's House

Skinny’s House







What a great house Skinny! I really like the telescope on your roof and the viewing platform.

I can see all over Sunken Gold using that telescope. I used it to find the Goblin door knocker when he moved house and I was the first to notice that Moo’s pet pig, Agnes, had stink splodgers. Oh yes, that telescope is very useful. 

How exciting! Well, it’s been great talking to you Skinny. I know you’ve got a trip to plan so I won’t keep you any longer. Have you got a message for our readers before we go?

Yes. It’s this…please remember that a skeleton is for life – not just for Saturdays! 

Good advice Skinny. I hope you have a great holiday and we’ll see you when you get back.

Bye everyone! See you soon! 



SWM Concept (front)


Always together and true –

Skinny, Wobble & Moo!

Skinny, Wobble & Moo is a series of 26 stories for 4-6 year olds. Rights are available for the animation series and the accompanying books. Find out more here…


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