Once upon a time there was a children's author who spent her days thinking up stories while defending her home against splodgers, baking banana cakes and juggling tortoise. Read what I've been up to in my scrapbook - it's all in a day's work!

Meet the characters from Skinny, Wobble & Moo #2

22 September

Skinny Wobble & Moo

Welcome to the second blog in my ‘Meet the Characters’ series…and here she is – Wobble the Witch!

Wobble the Witch

Wobble the Witch










Hi Wobble. Thanks for being with us today. I know you’re busy defending Sunken Gold from those naughty pirates. I promise we won’t keep you long.

I am so happy to be here. I’ve dragged Blomquist along with me too. He needs the exercise, the lazy old cat!

Oh yes. Blomquist! How is he? Still as grumpy as ever I see…

Oh yes! He curls up on the rug by the fire and if anyone disturbs him he becomes quite unpleasant! He doesn’t like to go outside normally. I promised him a treat today. 

Well we are privileged aren’t we? Perhaps you’d like to explain to our readers how he got his good looks?


Blomquist the cat

Blommie the Vicking Cat










Well, I adopted him whilst attending a witch’s convention in Scandinavia.  He is actually a very noble Viking cat. I believe he lost one of his ears in battle. 


Oh yes. Oh dear, he’s getting grumpy now. Let’s go to my house so he can go back to sleep.

OK. Lead the way…

Wobble's house

I do love your house Wobble. Shall I do the honours and knock the Goblin Doorknocker?

Be my guest. Be quick though. He nearly bit Trink the Post mole this morning!


The Goblin Door Knocker

The Goblin Door Knocker

My, he was cross! I told him I was coming back soon to interview him for this blog series…I won’t tell you what he said I could do!

Never mind him. I’ll talk him round. Well, welcome to my home…

Inside Wobble's house

Inside Wobble’s house

Thanks Wobble. Love the picture of you guys on the wall.

Thanks. We had it taken on Skinny’s birthday. He was lucky to have a birthday as the pirates actually kidnapped Saturday! 

No! I must remember to ask Skinny all about that when I see him. Now, are there any fridge splodgers in your fridge today?

No. We managed to get rid of them all thankfully! It was the pirates fault. They were digging under the fridge looking for the hidden treasure and well, the Splodgers took advantage and moved in. There was food everywhere. It took poor Moo ages to get it all out of his fur!

You’ve had some problems with those Splodgers haven’t you. I wonder if I could manage to get an interview with one?

Good luck with that! They’re mischievous little things. Anyway, would you like a cup of marshmallow and turnip tea? I brewed it specially this morning…

Oh, is that the time? Sorry Wobble I must dash. Thank you so much for talking to me today. Say goodbye to Blomquist for me…

Bye then. Do call again soon. You’re welcome anytime in Sunken Gold. 

SWM Concept (front)


Skinny, Wobble & Moo is a series of 26 stories for 4-6 year olds. Rights are available for the animation series and the accompanying books.




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