Once upon a time there was a children's author who spent her days thinking up stories while defending her home against splodgers, baking banana cakes and juggling tortoise. Read what I've been up to in my scrapbook - it's all in a day's work!

Meet the Characters from Skinny, Wobble & Moo #1

17 September

Skinny Wobble & Moo

Welcome to my first blog post from the little known town of Sunken Gold! I’m afraid I can’t tell you exactly how to get to Sunken Gold as it’s a secret – but I can show you a map of the town…

The town of Sunken Gold

The town of Sunken Gold







And here are my friends that live in Sunken Gold…

Skinny Wobble & Moo

From left to right: Wobble, Moo, Skinny

Wobble the witch, Moo the Monster and Skinny the Skeleton. Today, I have the privilege of interviewing the big, furry (and rather bumbling) Moo the Monster. He has a very short attention span so I best crack on…

‘Hello Moo!’

Moo The Monster

Moo the Monster

Hello…do you have any cabbage cake? I’m hungry.’

‘No Moo, sorry. You agreed to answer some questions, remember? Now let’s start with a really easy one. What’s the best thing about living here in Sunken Gold?’

That’s easy!  My best friends, Wobble and Skinny live here. And then there’s my pet pig, Agnes. Oh this is fun! Ask me another!

‘Who do you live with?’

My Uncle Glumpfoot. He’s a feather doctor.’

Dr Glumpfoot

Dr Glumpfoot








‘Ah yes. Perhaps you should explain that to our readers about feather medicine.’

‘Uncle Glumpfoot prescribes feathers for everything. Like when I had sneezing feet and he made me stay at home in bed with feathers between my toes. It tickled a lot.’

‘Oh yes. I remember that! You live in such a lovely house though. Let’s show everyone a picture of it.’Moo the Monster's house






Look there’s butterflies outside my house. I like butterflies…’

‘Yes Moo, I know you do. Now tell me, is there anything you don’t like about living in Sunken Gold?’

Huh? Oh, those naughty pirates! They want the treasure that’s buried here. I really don’t like that one in charge. His name is Big Pirate Large Bottom and he’s scary.’

‘Now, you say that but I just happen to know that you’ve rescued your friends from the clutches of that pirate gang on more than one occasion. You’re quite the hero Moo!’

Well, the butterflies help me sometimes…’

‘Oh Moo you are funny! What about the time the pirates stole Saturday and you tricked them into giving it back?’

Did I? Cool…’

‘It was, very. Here’s a picture of the dirty, rotten tricksters for our readers! They may look silly but they do cause a lot of trouble in Sunken Gold don’t they?’

Sea Shanty Pirate Gang

The Sea Shanty Pirate Gang






‘Oh yes, they do! Hey, can you smell that? Food! It’s coming from Wobble’s house! Can I go now please? Pleeeeeeease?’

‘OK Moo, off you go then.’


‘Oh Moo! Could you tell Wobble that I’d like to chat to her next time please? I’ll see you soon Moo…Moo! Watch out for the splodgers Moo! Oh…too late! Never mind…’


Where there?s one Splodger, there?ll be a thousand!

Thanks for spending time with us in Sunken Gold! See you all soon. Sharon xx

SWM Concept (front)



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