Once upon a time there was a children's author who spent her days thinking up stories while defending her home against splodgers, baking banana cakes and juggling tortoise. Read what I've been up to in my scrapbook - it's all in a day's work!

A day in the life

26 October

I get asked a lot ‘What?s it like to be an author?’ and ‘What do you do all day?’ Well, there are no two days quite the same ? but I’d like to share with you how it went today…

7a.m: wake up. Wake up my boy, Connor. Make breakfast. Prepare lunches/snacks for the day. Put on wellies and go outside to feed our three dogs.

8a.m: Try to get Connor?s welly off! It?s stuck tight. After much yanking, pulling and pushing the welly finally comes off. Thank goodness. Feed the tortoise. Take Connor to school.

9a.m: To the office which I share with my husband. Second breakfast with my husband whilst planning the day ahead.

10a.m: start editing my picture book The Finch that Didn?t Flinch. Edit the same chapter twice and look for distractions ? I watch people walk past the window and wonder what they are up to, I order a dress off the internet, throw my stress balls at my husband and then pick up the phone and have a chat with Glenn (the illustrator). We agree that the Finch story needs another character. A cute little bird to hold the story together. I can do that… I go back to the beginning of the story for another edit.

11a.m: Can?t think of a cute little bird to hold the story together so I open the post. There?s a rejected manuscript. ?This does not meet with our current publishing needs…? I file the letter with all of the others and throw another stress ball at my husband before going back to my editing.

12p.m: Walk the dogs with my husband. Chat about the afternoon ahead. Have lunch.

1.30p.m: Back at my desk. Edit another few pages for The Finch story. Spot a child outside squatting on the ground watching a spider pass by. Make a note of it ? love the fact that the whole world stops for the child to observe a little hairy creature – might be a story there.

2p.m: Check emails before rushing off to a local nursery for an authors visit. Read ?Is Your Daddy a Goblin? to a room full of rowdy toddlers. Fantastic fun playing with the little ones but now I feel very sticky and in need of a bath! Leave leaflets for children to take home to their parents so they will hopefully buy the Goblin story from my website.

3.30p.m: Pick up Connor from school. Chat about his day and make a mental note of the funny things that have happened to him.

4.30p.m: have tea and cookies. Start writing a story about a welly that wouldn?t come off.

6p.m: prepare dinner and run a bubble bath. Have an idea for a children?s vegetarian cook book ? make a note to discuss with Glenn. Read a few chapters of a book in the bath and get the pages wet again. I hope no-one does that to my books!

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