Glenn Young – Design Director / Illustrator

Glenn YoungGlenn was the senior designer for the 3D animation series ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, and Design Director for the BAFTA award winning Starfinder, Underground Ernie and Boblins.

A successful freelance illustrator, sculptor, painter, and writer, Glenn is happily married and living in Shropshire.


385 (in dog years) or 7 (in tree years)

Favourite food

Goblin soup (tastes like mushroom) and Ogre bogey toasties (tastes like ogre bogies)

Favourite colour

Bright Cherry blue with a hint of pickle

Favourite thing

A stick

Scariest thing

Fighting man eating pirates and smuggler sharks, or poking witches and running away

Best game

Catch the spot goblin

Worst game

Let’s throw smelly things at Glenn