• Skinny, Wobble & Moo

    Stories of three best friends, rotten pirates and hidden treasure.

  • Shi-Mi Fu

    Warriors on a magical mission: ancient stories of super-heroes thwarting evil powers.


Recent Projects

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  • Surprise


    Connor’s playing tricks on his friends and neighbours – but who’s in for the biggest surprise? (more…)

  • Skinny Wobble & Moo

    Skinny, Wobble & Moo

    Follow the exploits of our three heroes as they thwart the horrid pirates and scuffle with splodgers. There?s lots of laughs and bags of fun as they protect the Land […]

  • My Safari Adventure

    My Safari Adventure

    ‘All aboard! Join the rough, tough safari crew and hold on tight for a safari adventure you’ll never forget! (more…)

  • Shi-Mi Fu Warriors

    Shi-Mi Fu

    Monkey meets the Power Rangers in this action packed adventure series for 4 ? 6 year olds, inspired by the Jakata Tales of the third century BC. (more…)

  • King Nuggybags

    The Baggers

    Welcome to the pre-school world of The Baggers. The King Bagger needs your help to keep Fairy Tales alive in the imagination of children all over the world. (more…)

  • Arthur - The Elephant Kid

    The Elephant Kid

    Inspired by many trips to Sri Lanka, the elephant kid is an epic tale about a young boy?s adventure as a super hero, fighting the world of evil and bringing […]

  • The Monk That Came To Breakfast - Front cover

    The Monk That Came To Breakfast

    Based on a true story the ?The Monk That Came to Breakfast? tells the story of 100 Monks who are travelling to a conference all the way from their home […]

  • The Finch That Didn't Flinch

    The Finch That Didn’t Flinch

    No-one likes a bully or to be bullied. This simple story draws it’s beauty from garden birds; telling a tale of a lonely Robin who simply won?t share or make […]


Once upon a time there was a children's author who spent her days thinking up stories while defending her home against splodgers, baking banana cakes and juggling tortoise. Read what I've been up to in my scrapbook - it's all in a day's work!